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Neurodiversity in Technology

What we do:

101ability connects neurodiverse candidates with employers to find temporary, contract to hire or full time opportunities. 101ability also supports candidates in the employment process through job coaching, mentoring and advocacy training. Our focus is to increase employment opportunities for neurodiverse individuals plus educate companies on the benefits of employing such candidates, thereby increasing their representation in the workforce.

Who we are:

101ability was founded by a diverse group who are deeply committed to increasing the number of neurodiverse employees in the technology sector. We use the latest technology tools combined with a human centric approach to ensure neurodiverse candidates find gainful employment in technology.


We will be attending the October 7th ABILITYJobFair.org career event. An accessible face to face online career fair for job seekers with disabilities. Hope to see you there.


Stories worth sharing:

The following stories highlight the diversity of autism and the need to build more awareness in society.

Autism: Learning Never Stops
Neurodiversity in the Real World
Notre Dame College Learning Center

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